Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Dark Side of Politics

Politicking has now become an overrated issue as politics has taken its toll now (in a heavier sense) in governance and public service.  Erring politicians have now become more self-serving than instead of focusing more on policymaking that will benefit the general public.  The disputes among politicians, which adversely affected the public, can be rooted on partisan politics wherein political parties are considered more important than the general interest of the nation.  Politicians put more emphasis on the interest of their respective parties than on being objective in setting laws and policies for the greater good of everybody.  This is one of the sad facts in the realm of politics and public governance.

The Congress, for one, is the best “representation” of erring politicians and so many politicking.  There are many instances and hearings wherein policies are not passed, not because these laws are lame and unacceptable, but congressmen tend to vote more on what their respective parties stand for (and not on the policy itself).  Even the House of Congress of the United States of America is not spared from all these hoola-limbos of dirty politics. As one can notice over the news, erring Republicans and Democrats are obviously taking side of its members in politics to the point that rational passage of law has become the second best only.  Such occurrences can be best construed when voting of passages is done in Congress. Representatives are likely to vote on what their party thinks than on their respective judgments.  This can be clearly seen on who vote this and who vote that – and if one will really look closely, votes are mostly likely categorically grouped into parties.  It is a sad fact that could not be really denied.

Meanwhile, such thing is not only prevalent in the House of Representatives of America, but also in any other Congress of some nations. We can see it over television wherein legislators argue violently, to the point of hurting each other physically.  There are moments that, because of their too much being candid on national television over their unguarded emotions, legislators sometimes look funny already.  True enough, video clips of these policymakers getting physically violent with each other look comical already and have become points of jokes in commentaries and other broadcast shows.  A show of Congress becoming into a bloody sport venue is something not to be proud of by the electorates.

Despite of this ugly reality, however, the general public should not be disillusioned on governance and the importance of government. These politicians (or legislators) are not the only ones that make-up the government. The general public is part of the government. In order to have intelligent and public-serving leaders, people should vote those who they think are appropriate for the positions.  They should vote wisely and never give votes to that who is just mere politicking.  In this way, electorates not only exercise their freedom of suffrage, but they also contribute in making their country a better, safer and well-secured place to live in.